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The 3 second website for Nary Ordinary Business Services - NoBS
Tips on how to get your website visitor's attention in the first three seconds. (Hint: If you don't, she's like to move on to the next site.)


Columns in Valley Business FRONT Magazine

by Janeson Keeley

Valley Business FRONT

PC vs. Mac II: Getting personal - Which one is right for you?
October, 2011, pp. 30-31 - View as PDF

Mac vs. PC, Business edition - PCs have long dominated the workplace. Are Macs catching up?
September, 2011, pp. 30-31 - View as PDF

Show and tell - How to use video effectively on your business web site
August, 2011, pp. 30-31 - View as PDF

How many gadgets do you need? - Smartphone? Netbook? Tablet? Laptop?
July, 2011, pp. 30-31 - View as PDF

Blogging 101 - Learn about the effective business use of blogs
June, 2011, pp. 30-31 - View as PDF

E-commerce: Open 24/7 - E-commerce: Open 24/7
May, 2011, pp. 30-31 - View as PDF

Calling in the social media cavalry - Getting your business started in social media
April, 2011, pp. 31, 33 - View as PDF

The ABCs of website promotion - Tips for decoding website marketing acronyms
March, 2011, pp. 32-33 - View as PDF

Thanks to Dan Smith for the mention in his article:
A little help with the business
Mar, 2011, pp. 51, 53 - View as PDF

BIT majors 'business ready' - Virginia Tech's BIT majors help small businesses get on the web.
February, 2011, p. 35 View as PDF

PC maintenance for small businesses - What you need to do to keep your PC running smoothly.
January, 2011, pp. 34-35 - View as PDF

How much does a website cost? - What you need to know when getting a website quote.
December, 2010, pp. 34-35 - View as PDF

Copyrights and wrongs - Guidelines about what you can - and can't - "borrow" from the web.
November, 2010, pp. 32-33 - View as PDF

The DIY Website - Tips for building your own business website.
October, 2010, pp. 30-31 - View as PDF

Beauty and the geek - A look at immigrant-owned company Prognosoft..
September, 2010, pp. 30-31 - View as PDF

Make e-mail marketing work - How to set up your campaign effectively
August, 2010, pp. 32-33 - View as PDF

Get 'linked in' - How to use LinkedIn effectively for business.
July, 2010, pp. 35 and 37 - View as PDF

Eight things you don't want on your website - Use your website to enhance your business' image.
June, 2010, p. 33 - View as PDF

Developing a web traffic strategy - How to get visitors to your website.
May, 2010, p. 37 - View as PDF

Don't chase your website visitors away - Use contact forms appropriately.
April, 2010, p. 35 - View as PDF

A no-cost way to promote your business - Google Local Business (now Google Places) listings.
March, 2010, p.30 - View as PDF

Choose a domain name that works - Using keywords in your domain name can help your site rankings.
February, 2010, pp. 28-29 - View as PDF

Twitter in business: What are you doing? - Businesses can use Twitter effectively.
December, 2009, page 57 - View as PDF



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