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Janeson T. Keeley, Website Consultant, Roanoke, Virginia

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Ralph Via Hardware Co., Roanoke, VA"Our company had not advertised in years because conventional advertising was too costly for our small business. JTKWeb provided cost-effective solutions. With the development of our website, Facebook page, and customized Google Business listing, we've seen a 25% increase in sales. The increase paid for the website in less than a month!

"Janeson's technical expertise allowed us to incorporate features in our website that could not be done with 'do it yourself' website builders. Her marketing expertise helped us tailor our website content to our target audience, and she keeps our online presence relevant with seasonal item updates.

"I highly recommend JTKWeb to small local businesses who want to get more customer traffic and increase their sales."

C. Timothy Via
Ralph Via Hardware Co., Roanoke, Virginia
Kimberley Koz: Humor Author + Cat Magnet = Writer Inpurr-rupted"I am a published humor author who also reviews products for the pet industry. When the pressure to work two blogs became overwhelming for me, Janeson transformed my blogs into one website with clearly defined separations of my two passions. We went through several changes because I didn't fully know what I wanted, but throughout the process she was patient, and offered creative suggestions to channel my focus. The end result is amazing. She also gave me basic Wordpress instruction, and continues to be available when I have questions.Thank you, Janeson, for sticking with me throughout the process. That box of chocolate-covered Bayer aspirin I promised you is in the mail."

Kimberley Koz, Author
Kimberley Koz presents It's a Wonderpurr Life
Sure-Dri Basement Waterproofing"For the first time in 15 years I feel like I have gotten my money's worth on advertising.

"You better read that first line again.

"After being involved with three so called "Google Certified" website marketing companies in the last few years I was fed up with high prices and little results.

These companies thrive by keeping you on the hook "just a little longer", or, "up your campaign by spending a little more."

I found Janeson by looking at the BBB site. I wanted someone local, She had the best reviews, I called her. We understood each other.

In short, Janeson has lowered my monthly bill with Google by half while increasing phone calls by more than double. Hardly a day goes by that I don't have someone fill out my online form now, that never happened before.

Hiring JTK has been the best advertising move I have made in 15 years of business. Her work is making me money.

She says what she does and does what she says, and she gets results.

She has my highest recommendation.

Best Regards,

Keith Martin
Colors on Parade, Roanoke, VA"We have been working with Janeson for a few years now and her levels of expertise and professionalism are second to none. She has always responded quickly and addressed our website needs with efficiency. If you are looking for a reliable, confident, knowledgable company to help maintain or build your website. Look no more. This is the place to go."

Rose James, Operations Manager
Colors on Parade, Southwest Virginia
Valley Medi-Transport, Roanoke, VA"I would definitely recommend Janeson Keeley with JTKWeb to help with your website endeavors. The whole process was very clear & straightforward. Also, prior to creating the website, she gave me budget options."

Scott Jordan, Owner/Manager
Valley Medi-Transport
LRSolutions"When LRSolutions hired Janeson Keeley, our website was in need of a major upgrade. I presented Janeson with a variety of challenges. Our website needed significant design changes to enhance the 'look and feel' of the site, an intuitive, engaging display of information critical to our clients' needs, and a complex, highly interactive series of forms to enable our clients and potential clients to submit project requests in a 'user-friendly' way. At the same time, we had a specific budget that we needed to maintain. Janeson did a phenomenal job meeting all of our requirements. She was extremely professional and responsive throughout the process and was very flexible. Janeson's creative, open-minded approach to developing our site allowed us to achieve all of our goals. I am extremely excited at the deployment of our new site and the tremendous business opportunities that will arise from it. I would recommend Janeson highly."

Ray Nussbaum, CEO & General Counsel
Roanoke County Democratic Committee"Janeson Keeley designed a website for our local political committee in 2014. Her creativity, attention to detail and willingness to follow suggestions and ideas from our diverse group was wonderful.

"She created the website www.roanokecountydemocrats.com for us that makes us all proud and accomplishes the goals that we envisioned.

"Her user-friendly training through GoToMeeting was easy to understand and has enabled our volunteers to keep the site up to date with a minimum of effort.

"Her price was surprisingly affordable, considering the high quality of her work.

"I emphatically recommend her – without reservation."

Richard Evans
IT Committee Chair, Windsor Hills Magisterial District Chair
Roanoke County Democratic Committee
New Horizons Healthcare, Roanoke, VA"We are so grateful for JTKWeb's guidance as we recently completed a redesign of our health center's website. Janeson provided great advice on everything from selecting a user friendly content management system to page design and layout to installing our donations button. She spent just enough time learning about our agency to better understand how others may need to access information via our website. We value her ability to get to the heart of the matter as she also gently nudged us in making decisions and preparing content. Janeson also took the time to instruct us in using the new system, and has been very quick to respond to our questions and concerns. We highly recommend JTKWeb for your business website needs!"

Eileen Lepro, CEO
New Horizons Healthcare
3716 Melrose Avenue NW
Roanoke, VA 24017
Michael Abraham

"Janeson Keeley designed and maintained a website for my recent run for the Virginia House of Delegates. In looking over websites from other candidates, ours was among the very best. She was innovative, motivated, and cooperative. Her work was reasonably priced. I give her my highest recommendation."

Michael Abraham
2013 7th District Candidate, Virginia House of Representatives
Abraham for Delegate

Owner/manager of The Threshold Center, Christiansburg, VA
Principal in Pocahontas Press, Blacksburg, VA
Freelance writer and author

The Fair View Group"Thank you so much for the 'little things' you do to keep our web-site current. Your monthly reminders help make us stop and think what we can do to improve communications...and you respond quickly with whatever we dream up. Simply put we are very pleased with your service and highly recommend you to other small business companies."

Myrteen Heslep, President
The Fair View Group
Roanoke Valley Chapter, Virginia Master Naturalists"When I was asked to help wrangle the website for the Roanoke chapter of Virginia Master Naturalists, I knew what I wanted to do, but not how to do it. Janeson listened to what I wanted and produced exactly the result I was looking for – a site with a lot more visual interest than what we had before, but still easy to navigate, and also simple enough for me to manage the content going forward, thanks to the fact that she walked this website newbie through the steps I needed to take! Plus, Janeson was great to work with and always responsive to my requests. I highly recommend her for any kind of website project."

Christina Koomen
Roanoke Valley Chapter, Virginia Master Naturalists
Colors on Parade, Dothan, Alabama"Colors on Parade is a nationwide mobile body shop franchise. We have been around 25 years. When i decided I needed a professional and easy website to navigate, I looked to the best website in our business, ColorsVA.com. I called Mike and asked who built theirs. He referred me to Janeson Keeley. I am glad he did. She used his website as a template, However when completed I feel ours is a strong equal. It was changed, tweaked with photos, icons, printable coupons, price lists, photo upload capabilities, and request forms, and it is expandable for future items. I am extremely happy.

"I had bad experiences in the past, (5 attempts) to have others build me a site. They charged me but I never had a site. I was skeptical at best. However I am extremely impressed with the job done on this site. Everything I asked for was delivered in a form better than I had imagined. I plan on advertising and directing everyone to my website and then hopefully they can communicate with us through this site.

"When you look at colorsonparade.com, our national site, I feel I have a stronger site now than what our own franchise has. Thanks to Janeson and Mike for referring me to you. I hope to refer more franchisees to you in the future. Check out ColorsDothan.com and see for yourself. You will not be disappointed in the service JTKWeb will provide you in all your website building needs."

Daniel J. Leeder, Area Developer
Colors On Parade, Dothan, Alabama
Amrhein's Fine Jewelry, Brides and Formals, and Wine Cellars"Ecstatic doesn't begin to describe how I felt when our new website launched! The project has been many years coming, and Janeson Keeley made the process so painless. She understood the vision I'd had in my head of what the new AmRhein's site should be. She took my vision, and made recommendations that took the vision to better places. And, she taught me so much along the way!

"Janeson is not only talented in her trade, but a super person to work with! That combination is worth its weight in gold. If you need a new website, or need to take an existing site to the next level, Janeson is the answer."

Rebecca Spaid, Director of Marketing
AmRhein's Fine Jewelry, Brides & Formals, and Wine Cellars
Saving Homer by Dan Smith, Illustrated by Ursula Dilley"Janeson Keeley spent a portion of today putting together a Web page, Facebook page, Twitter account and gmail account for my new children's book, Saving Homer, and we didn't stop with getting the foundation laid. She taught me how to use it all, how to improve it all and how to work with it. All in the time it takes to sip a few cups of coffee and eat lunch at Panera Bread.

"The whole thing was tied together tonight by making it all interactive, getting followers and likes and all the basics lined up for a successful run. The book is self-published and self-published volumes are the orphans of the industry, but with proper social networking - which Janeson is providing - it has a chance to sell thousands of copies and to earn its author (me) quite a bit more money than would be possible with this kind of work through a traditional publisher, where the writer gets about $1 a book (we'll harvest $8 a book this way).

"Janeson is a joy to work with. She is quick, full of excellent suggestions, patient and she teaches as well as she puts it together. A recommendation? Oh, you bet! Without hesitation!"

Dan Smith, Author
Saving Homer
Guertin Brothers"Janeson has done it again! She made a great, simple, FUNCTIONAL site for my wife that worked so well we sold it after we no longer needed it. Now she has done the same thing for me at Guertin Brothers. She took a mountain of information from our current website and turned it into something easy to use, nice to look at, and FUNCTIONAL! It has a clear, concise, purpose and carries it out seamlessly. She has the knowledge to give you features you didnít even know you need or want. For example, the site she made for us even looks good and functions on your phone. The best part of what she does is build functionality that causes results. At the end of the day, that is what I want to pay for. Thanks again for all your talent!"

William Frost, Sales and Marketing Manager
Guertin Brothers
Mattress Depot Roanoke"The decision to go with JTKWeb was possibly the best business decision we made this year!! We were primarily impressed with JTKWeb's web page as well as the in depth explanation of what they do and how they do it. Directly after we discovered the company, we had our initial meeting and were absolutely blown away by the level of professionalism and willingness to work with us. The aspect we held most valuable throughout the entire processs was the level of involvement from Janeson and her team [Sue England of Sue England Design and Bob Flack of Flack Software Services, Inc.]. Any questions or suggestions were dealt with promptly, most of the time within a matter of hours the same day! We are a locally owned and operated company and were a little fearful of the whole process that goes with creating a website, but JTKWeb took care of everything and more. The end result was an absolutely fantastic site that is everything we wanted it to be. I would recommend JTKWeb to anyone. Thanks so much!!!"

Mindy Mills
Mattress Depot
Safety Step"When Safety Step made the decision to invest in our website we had two main goals. First, the website was in desperate need of an update. Secondly, we wanted to optimize our rankings for search engines. And of course, we wanted to accomplish this on a limited budget. Janeson far exceeded all our expectations and stayed well within our budget. From our initial contact with Janeson, our entire team was impressed with her professionalism, promptness and skill as a web designer. Safety Step is receiving inquiries from national companies because they are finding our website and we get compliments regarding our professional, user-friendly site on a regular basis. Safety Step has new business opportunities today that are a direct result of our website and Janeson's skill as a website consultant."

Anna Guardipee, Marketing and Sales Director
Safety Step
Susan Boyes, LPC"If you need a website that is professional, highly visible, and attracts the clientele you most want to serve, Janeson Keeley is your go-to person. She has an unusual balance of creativity, attention to detail, professional skills, and work ethic that is a rare find. Janeson does not waste your time or money, because she knows what she is doing. Consulting with Janeson about creating, updating, or improving your website is one of the best investments you can make in your business."

Susan Boyes, LPC
Licensed Professional Counselor
Snyder's RV, Salem VA "We spent over a week locating companies and quotes for our woefully out of date website. Not only did Janeson promptly return calls and thoroughly explain the process, she and Sue [England of Sue England Design] made in-person visits to aid us in getting the ball rolling in developing a completely new site. I would highly recommend Janeson and her staff for ANYONE who is intimidated by the process of web design and the jargon associated with it. Janeson absolutely exceeded our expectations and we are thrilled with the results!"

John Crocker, Sales Manager
Snyder's RV
Hollywood Hair and Nails, Salem VA "JTKWeb has exhibited professionalism and great customer service. As a person that needed help to take our website to the next level, Janeson Keeley has taken it beyond expectation. Following through and consistent thoroughness is a top priority and is shown through her work. Thank you so much, JTKWeb!!"

Wendy Trail, Owner
Hollywood Hair and Nails
Blue Ridge Self Storage, Roanoke VA"I cannot say enough about the quality and professionalism that we received from JTKWeb. I found that the difference in JTKWeb and other web consultants is Janeson's ability and willingness to understand the marketing goals of the company before tackling the site design. Janeson was able to provide a full range of high tech web design [by Sue England of Sue England Design] services from flash presentations [Patrick Carrell of Patrick A. Carrell Design] and search engine optimization to contracted voice and model photography. This type of web design-business integration is what we were looking for and were able find with JTKWeb. It was a pleasure to work with Janeson and we look forward to utilizing some of the other web maketing/advertising tools that JTKWeb has to offer."

Ron Knuppel, President
Blue Ridge Self Storage Inc.
Poe & Cronk Real Estate Group, Commercial & Industrial Real Estate, Roanoke VA"On behalf of our entire team, I want to express our sincere appreciation and gratitude for your work in the creation of our new corporate website. It was indeed a pleasure working with a seasoned professional who understands the importance of driving consumer traffic. Your in-depth knowledge and attention to detail is the reason our search engine rankings are consistently at the top. Thank you again, and we look forward to working with you in the future."

Dennis R. Cronk, President/CEO
Poe & Cronk Real Estate Group
Hollins University"Janeson Keeley is a consummate professional. In my association with Janeson over the past several years, she is a pleasure to work with, completes projects and reports in a timely fashion, and keeps abreast with the latest updates in search engine optimization and technology. In the rapidly changing environment of the Internet and all that it entails, it is reassuring to know that we have Janeson on our Web team. We could not accomplish all that we do without her services."

Linda Martin, Web Communications Coordinator
Hollins University
Melissa Frost, Roanoke Valley Real Estate "I wanted to let you know I will be profiled in this upcoming Neighbors section of the newspaper because of my website. The lady from the newspaper went to the internet looking for a REALTOR® to interview. My website came up first in her search, she liked it and chose me to interview.

"Thank you for doing such a great job with the site and getting and keeping me out"there."

Melissa Frost, REALTOR®
"Doing business with JTKWeb Design has been a pleasurable experience. In this present age of poor service and non-returned phone calls and emails, dealing with Janeson has been a breath of fresh air. She was so great at getting back to me during the design process that I felt I was her only client when I knew full well that she had many other projects going on. Thanks, Janeson, for making the design of my website a positive experience at an affordable price. I look forward to working with you in the future as my business grows."

Joe Shupe, Owner
C R Mailboxes
Sharon Tabor Warren, EA "Janeson stays on top of everything. She responds immediately to my requests for changes and has recently redesigned my website to give it a fresh look. I leave the site entirely in her hands and she never disappoints me. She is a true professional of the highest caliber; I don't know what I'd do without her."

Sharon Tabor Warren, EA
Susan Culbertson, Controllers, Etc. "What a relief! I had dreaded the web design process. I was delighted that JTKWeb made it so easy! A fully-functional website with no stress involved. The contacts I receive from across the country are testaments to its visibility. My response to the frequent website compliments I receive is to highly recommend Janeson Keeley and JTKWeb as their web designer!"

Susan Culbertson, CPA
Controllers, Etc.
Accounting and Tax Center, Inc."Janeson (JTKWeb) has done a fantastic job designing three different websites for me. She took my ideas, enhanced them and created very professional sites. The sites are quick to load and have interesting features. The sites also constantly achieve high rankings in search engines. Janeson is quick to respond to requests for changes. She provides informative monthly reports showing site activity. If you want an excellent site, reasonably priced, and professionally maintained, then JTKWeb is the developer for you."

Charles R. Spencer, EA
Accounting and Tax Center, Inc.
Blue Ridge Chapter Virginia Society of Enrolled Agents
The Unofficial Lexington (VA) High School 1960's Alumni Web Site
Treasured Time Concierge"I want to start off by saying Janeson at JTK Web is an amazing web designer who makes her clients feel like they are #1 in priority. Janeson serves her clients with great customer service, from replying to all emails within hours to making changes to the website in a prompt manner.

"She took our ideas and created a website within a two week period. Janeson was very easy to work with and offers affordable rates for any business structure.

"I have done my research on web designers in the Roanoke Valley and Janeson provides the most affordable rates, along with customer satisfaction that I have found. You can't go wrong with JTKWeb for any or all of your web needs. JTKWeb has taking a stressful situation in a startup business and made it a wonderful experience."

Shannon Williams, Owner
Treasured Time Concierge
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